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We’re fascinated by communication design. By what makes people read and absorb; adore one brand over another; shop here but not there.

We bring intelligent thinking and creative flair to this world: an ability to transform any brief into a stylish and successful solution.

We’ve been doing this for over 25 years, for some of Europe’s best known high street brands. We’re fun, friendly and efficient. We are Fruition.



WeFeast Summer 2013, Brick Lane

We spent a balmy summer day at WeFeast again. There was plenty of inspiration from characterful street food stands with memorable signage, display, service and food presentation ideas.

Our favourites were:

Flat Iron’s wagyu beef.
Copita’s mouthwatering combinations in their plates of anchovies, octopus, and melon and horseradish juice.
Jian Bing’s Chinese crepes with good flavour and unusual crispy won ton cracker bits layered into an eggy wrap.
Mike & Ollie’s slow-cooked lamb shoulder flatbreads were served with an intense rocket salad, a fresh green herb sauce and raw broad beans – very moreish indeed.

We Feast is held quarterly in trendy London venues and it’s best to go with a friend or two for full sharing fun – there’s always lots of tasty treats you’ll want to try!

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