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Marketing Week Live 2014: review

Making social work in the business context

Thank goodness that businesses are finally catching on that social media really isn’t about just adding to the already overpowering ‘noise’ we experience in social channels. It’s slowly hitting home that the people who actively choose to communicate with us are the ones we need to focus on. It’s actually no different from face-to-face, in that people will just walk off if they aren’t interested.

The highlights of my visit were without doubt the two ‘Leadership sessions’ I attended on the Strategy & Future stage – they were hugely worthwhile, informative and inspiring.

Batiste’s social strategy

Batiste hair products kindly shared how they strategically planned their social activity so that it went out to the people genuinely interested in their products:
Customer insight > objectives > targeted strategy > engage > measurement [reach, engagement, impact on sales] > plan

They worked with BzzAgent to reach their 4,000 key advocates who then passed their views through their own networks and fed back through the software. It had a huge impact with an ROI of 3:1. Well worthwhile, I’d say!

How LEGO have been using social to propel innovation

I was very impressed with LEGO’s talk about their amazingly innovative co-creation developments with their adult user community. It proves that with the right environment truly wonderfully innovative and creative ideas can come from collaboration.

They pointed out that in this era, attention is the primary scarce resource. This is where co creation comes into its own – you have the audience and the consumer in one.

The benefits of using your user community for innovation:
1. They have knowledge
2. They have the products
3. They have capabilities, skill and experience that you don’t necessarily have in house
4. They filter the selection process themselves e.g. post your idea, get 10k votes [from registered users only] and the team will review it eg Lego jewellery.

The big plus is that the person who had the idea gets 1% of the sales – not at all bad for those passionate, creative, hobbyists out there.


BEST IN SHOW: LEGO working with user communities for co-creation was inspiring, creative AND strategically targeted. I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!

MADE ME SMILE: Equinox’s mime artist caught my eye, engaged with me immediately and made me smile. No words necessary.

RETAIL POS: Beaver’s digital menu boards optimised for customer viewing. With a bit more of an in depth look at them in the retail environment I might just be persuaded.

BEST STAND DESIGN: Sharedit’s digital photo wall drew me in, though I’d like there to be a wider purpose than just generating more social noise.

BEST FREEBIE: research findings from Trust Pilot.

BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT: the POPAI Customer Journey Experience – I walked on through and came out non the wiser!


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