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Tent London and Super Brands London September 2013

It was good to see some new trade show ideas after the summer break to get the grey cells working again. Though the show guide was a step to far, challenging my patience – it’s a prime example of a designer wanting to showcase their own ability and sacrificing usability. Still, we don’t need to linger too long on that and here are my highlights from the show:

Lovely illustrative chalking from Lizzie Mary Cullen –

A simple eye catching stand with a touch of humour from Reiko Kaneko –

The Cold Press had a singularly interesting collection of artists on show –

Sarah Turner’s recycled lights are beautiful. Even nicer that you could see her at work –

Not only did this flock chair from Thomas & Vines make me smile, it was also amazingly comfortable –

This handmade lamp from Louise Tucker made a beautiful warm light with interesting reflections –

Laser engraving is looking much more sophisticated here on this slate panel from Daniel Heath –

I love a bit of humour in furniture –

Identity Papers made a strong impact with these interesting new wall papers –

Nice signage on the KHIB with friends stand, but time consuming to do –


Meanwhile, downstairs in the Super Design Gallery… and &

Fours Seasons in Shanghai – &

Crafts Council of Ireland


And the all important cafe



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